Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pretty & Polished Sugar in a Sundress

Hey all! It's Hump Day, so how about a little glitter to liven things up! Today I have my first Pretty & Polished nail polish to share with you, Sugar in a Sundress. This is a polish from their Country Girl Swag collection and was released last spring. I picked this up during a sale-- I think for for Daylight Savings when there was a 50% off promotion! Hard to resist those, haha. I had actually eyed this glitter for a while because I am a sucker for anything blue and I love the blue/yellow combination. Sugar in a Sundress is a pale yellow crelly with bright blue and indigo glitters.

Sugar in a Sundress had a good formula, and was pretty easy to apply. The glitters came out easily on the brush and were easy to place on the nail. I am pretty sure I used two coats here, but it might have been three. It does need a top coat, as most glitters do, to make it shiny, but I was impressed at how nicely it went on, especially with the light color base.

Artificial light (flash):

I'm not in love with these photos, but you can at least see the glitters nicely! This was my first experience with Pretty & Polished and I have to say that I'm happy. Sugar in a Sundress is a fun glitter and I am a sucker for this color combo. This applied nicely and looks great. I am a big fan! I have another couple of polishes from Pretty & Polished and I look forward to using them!