Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Awesome Birthday Present!

So, my friends know I am a polishaholic and to that end, one of my dear friends, Emily, just delivered a great little nail related present to me! Emily, who has her own blog about stamping, is a former roommate of mine and we were in each other's weddings and I am about to become godmother to her first child! Anyway, first up, she made me this delightful card, which I adore:

Isn't that awesome?! Love.It!!

And onto my gift:

Cool!! Dior claims that this is a "legendary and ultra-effective nail cream that encourages nail growth and improves resistance." Definitely something I need!

You are supposed to massage this into the skin around your nails, and they recommend doing it overnight for maximum effectiveness. Although they don't specify in the little booklet, I suspect that it would work better if I wasn't wearing polish, so one night a week for the next several weeks I will take off my polish and use this and report back! Actually, I will also try using it with my polish on as well, just to see how that works too!

Right now I can tell you that this cream has a waxy feel to it and smells delicious. Can't wait to start using it! Thanks Emily!

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  1. your welcome!! i'm glad you like it and i hope it works!