Sunday, January 27, 2013

Julep Fiona

Tonight I have one of my add-ons for my Julep January Maven box. This is Fiona, which is described as an "electric lime neon green creme." Hmm, well we will talk about this later. But in general, I don't think this polish is lime, nor is it really neon.

I found Fiona to be a little thick and also a little streaky, but not all that difficult to apply. Unfortunately, I completely forgot to write down how many coats I used here-- I'm pretty sure it was three. This dried down to a satin/matte finish.

Artificial light - flash:

Artificial light:

Natural light - shade:

I can't be the only person who saw the color and the name and thought of Shrek, right?! I immediately flashed to the OPI Shrek collection, which had a polish called Fiercely Fiona-- but that polish is more yellow as opposed to green. The color is funky, but cool. Very vintage avocado refrigerator! Definitely not lime, like the description says. Additionally, I don't consider this to be a neon. It is bright, and might have some neon pigment in it, but it's not neon. This is a great pretty-ugly color!

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  1. Shrek was the first thing I thought of with this color!