Friday, January 11, 2013

January American Beauty Julep Maven Box

I have actually managed to swatch my January Julep Maven before the very end of the month! Of course, I still haven't swatched my December Maven box yet but let's not worry about that right now, ok? This month's boxes featured polishes from Julep's resort collection, which were nudes and neons. I actually had a difficult time picking  out which box I wanted, bouncing between the It Girl, American Beauty and Bombshell boxes. I eventually settled on my usual American Beauty box.

My January box contained two polishes, Julep's new hand/cuticle stick and a couple extras-- swatch stickers for the tops of my Julep polishes and three neon hair-ties! (To be honest, I didn't realize they were hair ties at first until I read another blog! I thought they were wristbands. Hairs ties makes way more sense. Whoops.)

The two polishes I received were Mindy, a porcelain pink sheer and Bethany, an electric neon orange pink crème.



 I also bought three add-on polishes (Nina, Fiona, and Madison), but you'll see those later! What do you think of the January Maven boxes? I find myself craving color right now (and loving all the neons I'm seeing) so this is right up my alley!