Monday, October 5, 2015

Seahawks Monday

Woo, a slight change of pace this week! The Seahawks play the Detroit Lions this week for Monday Night Football. With the Huskies having a bye week I actually painted my nails for the game! So I thought I'd shake things up with my regular posting schedule and share my manicure. I was sick last week and into this week but am finally starting to feel a bit more like myself, so I squeezing in this post before bedtime-- I just finished applying this to my nails! Fresh of the presses, literally!

This week I picked another one of my Seahawks themed polishes-- this time, Sea, from Daily Hues Nail Lacquer. This is part of a duo-- I've actually shown you the other polish, Hawks, previously. Sea, as the name might suggest even if you weren't a Seahawks fan, is an ocean blue holographic. Sea has a jelly-like consistency and is on the sheer side. I used three coats here and it's still a bit sheer for my taste. But I didn't use undies and I didn't want to do another coat so here we are! With the jelly like formula, I did have to be a bit careful with my application and use a light hand to avoid dragging it. The linear finish is linear, though it isn't an extremely strong linear. It does have a very nice sparkle, though!

Artificial light (flash):

I like Sea, though I wish it were a little more opaque. However, with the color, name and jelly like finish, I can almost imagine this as a piece of seaglass, so I'll live with the sheerness.

Go Hawks!