Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Julep Suse

For some reason I though I had already written a post on this polish but I guess I didn't! Whoops. Julep Suse is described as a "coral blaze creme" and that description is spot on. I've had this swatch sitting around for awhile-- I actually think Suse was released in the June "The Deep End" Maven collection. Of course, in June, a coral creme was the perfect way to get summer started. Now it's October (and we're already in the second half, noooooo) so it's not really seasonally appropriate anymore. But I feel that you can wear whatever colors you want whenever you want, so who cares!!

As a polish,  I find the color of Suse to be great and perfect for summer. However, I did find the formula left a little bit to desired. It's not terrible, mostly just okay. It was a little thick (which might have been aggravated by the hot, humid weather we were having when I swatched this) but was also streaky, which is highly annoying. It wasn't so terrible that I was exceptionally bothered by it, just mildly annoyed. The fact that it's my favorite summer color makes up for a lot, haha!

Artificial light (flash):

It's not quite the color of the season, but still a very pretty color! It was a little bit streaky but not too terrible-- I don't think it's very visible in real life. I wish it was a bit better, but overall I still like it! Hopefully this bright little coral brightened your Hump Day!

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