Friday, October 16, 2015

Purple Friday: OPI Do You Have This Color in Stockholm and Zoya Gilty

Not going to lie, I took the lazy route out this week and modified my manicure from last week. And speaking of lazy, I totally forgot to write up this post before Friday and schedule it! Ugh, sorry! I don't know how it slipped my mind, but I totally forgot. One of those weeks! Let's get to the post!! This week the Huskies play Oregon, one of our most better rivals. The last time we beat Oregon was 2003... 11 years ago!! So long ago my husband and I looked like this:

OMG BABIES!! Where are these people now?! Hahaha, anyway... we hate Oregon. For a variety of reasons, but now mostly because they have beat us 11 times in a row and seriously, could we just freaking beat them already? Oregon is floundering right now, so there's hope for us. I mean, we did beat USC last week! That was a pretty amazing game.

As for manicure, we were out of town last weekend and I decided that I didn't have to time to come up with something super unique. So I pulled out OPI Do You Have This Color in Stockholm?, which is still an amazing purple (and I feel like I've got a handle on applying it now) and then pulled out Zoya Gilty, which is an 18K gold topper that I've had for at least two years. I have too many polishes (haha said no nail polish addict ever). I did have to do some fishing for the flakes, and definitely had to dab them on my nails. My photos are a bit sparse-- the actual manicure I ended up with has a bit more as I got better at getting the gold out.

Artificial light (flash):

Personally, I think the purple and gold combination looks incredibly royal! The gold flakes really pop against the purple base. It was a little annoying to get the gold flakes out of the bottle, but worth it for the final look.

Go Dawgs! Beat the Ducks!


  1. The gold and purple combination is lovely!

  2. This is super pretty! I would love to see y'all beat Oregon!

  3. Uggghhh I am so mad that I don't own Gilty, lol! This is a very royal combination!