Friday, October 23, 2015

Purple Friday: Cover Girl 300 and Wet n Wild Happy Hour Hop

Hey all!! We're back at Friday, woo! I feel like I did not get much of a weekend last week, probably because I didn't get near enough sleep. Hopefully this weekend will-- helped by the fact that the Huskies have an away game this week. They are down in the Bay Area, playing Stanford. It was a tough (and close) loss to Oregon last week and this week will be an even bigger challenge. I don't really expect a win, though you never know, right? I also didn't expect us to beat USC and that happened. Maybe something equally miraculous will happen this week! (Fingers crossed.) But despite my lack of optimism, of course I will supporting my Dawgs. I was debating about what polish I wanted to wear. Initially I thought I wanted to wear Wet n Wild Happy Hour Hop, which is a dusty medium purple loaded with gold flakies, but it ended up being more sheer than I wanted, so I cast around for a purple polish to layer it over and settled on CoverGirl 300 (boo numbered only polishes), which I received in my Christmas stocking last year. 

CoverGirl 300 is a blue-leaning grape purple creme, which was a little on the thin side and wanted to streak. I used two coats here, though the second coat was pretty thick. It seem to do the trick, though! Then I layered one coat of WnW Happy Hour Hop on top of it. Confession: I did buy my bottle of Happy Hour Hop from eBay, and while the swatches I have seen online seem to indicate that HHH was more opaque, but mine was definitely not. When I initially swatched it, I did have longer nails, so maybe it's better on shorter nails.

CoverGirl 300:

My photos make this appear brighter than it is in real life. It's 

Wet n Wild Happy Hour Hop:

 You can see that HHH does leave some visible nail line. It's not terrible, but it's also not my favorite. I don't know if something was done to the bottle I purchased, but it is what it is. I could have worn this alone

Wet n Wild Happy Hour Hop over CG 300:

Because HHH is on the sheer side, the finished product does take on a more blue-leaning aspect thanks to the base color, but again, these photos are brighter than it actually appears in real life. I really love the gold flakies in the purple base. It's soooooo pretty. Next time I might try to find a base color that is slightly closer to the base of Happy Hour Hop, but it looks great regardless.

Go Dawgs! Beat the Cardinals!

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  1. The two look really good together! I definitely need more purple polishes in my life.