Wednesday, September 5, 2012

OPI Blue Moon Lagoon

Tonight I have a very special polish for you-- and it's one that I don't even own! One of my friends from my book club, Nicole, recently found out that I had this blog and emailed me about her own nail polish love affair! She used to work at Gene Juarez and so has a great collection of OPI polishes, including some great old black label OPIs-- and some I haven't even heard of before! Nicole was gracious enough to let me borrow a couple of her babies and I have one of them for you tonight! This is OPI Blue Moon Lagoon, a pale blue linear holographic polish. This was originally released, well... I don't know when, but it was a part of OPI's Summer for Shore collection, which consisted of several holographic polishes, all of which are unavailable now. Sad face! Why do polish companies always discontinue the best polishes?

Because Blue Moon Lagoon is such a pale shade of blue, it's also a little sheer but not actually too bad considering how light it is. Here I had to use three coats, but they went on smoothly and I had no issues with the formula (yay, chemical laden polishes!). It dried quickly and I haven't used a top coat in these pictures so you can nicely see the holo effect of the polish.

Artificial light with flash:

Artificial light:

Natural light - shade:

Natural light - sun:

I wish OPI would make more of these polishes! And I'm so glad Nicole let me borrow it to showcase on the blog because otherwise I probably wouldn't be able to find this gorgeous polish!


  1. oh this is gorgeous! Thanks to Nicole for the loan :) It really looks beautiful in the shade, too. I hope OPI makes more like this one!

  2. What a gorgeous, fun polish! I love the name, too. What an awesome friend you have, Cat. ;) I'm really liking your blue background, too. :)