Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another Olympics manicure!

We're halfway through the Olympics right now-- it's Day 9! Swimming ended yesterday and track and field (or athletics in Britain) has started. Since yesterday was the Olympics Super Saturday, with 25 different different event finals. I was particularly looking forward to the swimming medley relays, which wrap up the swimming events and are always so exciting to watch.

Because my Olympic fever is still running high, I decided to try my hand at another Olympics themed manicure, though this one was much simpler than my last one. I went with a classic red, white and blue theme and then threw some gold on top of it. I used Cult Nails Quench (a deep red creme), OPI Alpine Snow (a creamy white) and Cult Nails Time Traveler (deep blue jelly). I only used one coat of each base color, and used a coat of Julep Oscar (gold glitter in a clear base) on top. I love how this looks! Patriotic and would work for any number of countries who use red, white and blue as their colors. It's simple but looks really pretty at the same time.

Artificial light with flash:

Artificial light:

Natural light - shade:

Natural light - sun:

I'm so sad that the swimming portion (well, pool swimming, anyway) of the Olympics is over! It's pretty much my favorite sport to watch -- and it's been amazing to see Michael Phelps (I have a HUGE crush on him, not gonna lie) break the record for total medals and wrap up his Olympic career. But there's still a lot of Olympics left, including some gymnastics and good track and field races.


  1. Love it! What did you use on the other two fingers?

    It was sad to see Phelpsie swim his last race. I feel really privileged that I was able to see such an amazing and competitive athlete perform in my lifetime! He truly is the greatest Olympian of all time!

    1. I was wearing Quench on my pinky and Time Traveler on my thumb and then I did the exact same on my other hand.

      I am going to miss Phelps so much, seriously. He is such an amazing athlete. Plus, I will miss the swimming abs!

  2. Awesome use of Oscar! I really like this one.