Friday, November 11, 2016

Purple Friday: Love Angeline Laying Under Midnight Skies

Despite my lame attempts at blogging this week, of course I needed to get a Purple Friday post up! This week is a big one for us-- we face USC, who even though they are having a "down" year and are sitting at 6-3, are still a strong and fast team that can't be overlooked. I'm not exactly sure if I would call it bad blood, but this game generates a lot of feeling, given that our former coach left UW for SC (and then was subsequently fired) and I have no doubt they would love to knock us out of the number 4 spot. Honestly, the election pushed a lot of thoughts about this game out of my mind and so now I am getting a little anxious about it. Luckily we're at home but we'll definitely need to come out strong to take a win over the Trojans! I'm actually skipping the game to go wedding dress shopping with my sister, who got engaged last month! I feel like that might be a better way to direct my post-election anxiety (which will turn into football anxiety tomorrow).

I was debating about which purple polish to use and finally settled on Love Angeline Laying Under Midnight Skies, which was part of the fall collection. In the bottle this polish is a medium purple holographic with scattered holographic glitters. On the nail, the color deepens-- I did use three coats though two would have sufficed. The first coat was a little sheer and had a slight jelly feel to it, but I didn't have any issues and as you can see, builds up nicely! It's not quite as shiny as it could because I was lazy and didn't use a top coat here.

Lovely! I love the flame-- it's present but still has a softness to it that I can't resist. The holo glitters are harder to see, but they are and sparkle in just the right light! I was a bit worried because this looks a lot lighter in the bottle, which really wasn't what the swatches showed, so I was happy when it darkened up as I applied more coats. And even though the game tomorrow kicks at 4:30, it's practically a night game now that we're off DST so the name works too!

Go Dawgs! Beat the Trojans!