Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Different Dimension Buttersweet Symphony

Hey look, it's another polish from last fall! Throwback post! Although I feel like almost all of my stuff is throwbacks because I never get around to posting it on time, haha! Buttersweet Symphony was from the Different Dimension Fall 2015 collection, and I got it on sale this past spring I think. Given that it was from a fall collection, I figured I would wait until the fall to wear it! And then in the aftermath of the election I was looking for something to wear and the name and the color called to me, so here you go!

Buttersweet Symphony is rich butterscotch yellow with a strong green tone and a holographic finish. This had a pretty good formula; the first coat was a little on the sheer side but it built up nicely and I didn't have any issues applying it at all. I used three coats here, though I feel like you could maybe get away with two depending on your polishing style/nail size.

I think this is a fabulous color! It does a lean a little green which some might not find all that flattering, but I enjoyed this a lot. It's just a smidge more unique than most golds. I found that this mostly looked gold on me, but did have a stronger green tone in certain light. So this is a huge winner for me, I love it!

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