Thursday, November 10, 2016

Lucky 13 Lacquer Valkyrie

I can't lie, I am feeling pretty devastated after the election results on Tuesday and have not been motivated to do a lot. I'm mostly staying off social media because I'm tired of people arguing and/or gloating. I don't want to turn this into a political blog, but I'm tired, sad, and worried. And maybe you're happy about the results, and that's fine too-- we live in a big country and we don't have to agree on everything. I do hope we can come together and things will get better but I still feel very raw emotionally. And with that said... let's move on to the polish. I have a nice subtle palette cleanser today.

At some point recently, I was having a hard time picking a polish and was being very wishy-washy and then I saw this bottle and decided to go with it! I wanted a brand I hadn't used recently and was leaning toward a nude polish, so Lucky 13 Lacquer Valkyrie fit the bill! I've actually been wanting to wear this polish for awhile, but kept pushing it aside for other things so now here we are! Valkyrie is a neutral beige holographic and a subtle pink shimmer. I used three coats here, but I probably could have gotten away with two. I was expecting this to be a little sheer, and while the formula was a little thin, it covered very well. I didn't have any issues! I wasn't really able to capture the pink shimmer in any photos, but it was visible in person.

This is a really lovely polish. First of all, it's a gorgeous neutral-- very sophisticated and elegant. Secondly it has a gorgeous subtle pink shimmer and holographic finish to help elevate it and give it more depth. Thirdly, the formula is good! So winner winner chicken dinner! I love these elevated neutrals (as opposed to say, a plain creme) because they have just enough of a twist to keep things interesting-- though of course I love a good creme as well!

I hope everyone is having a relatively okay week (it's been hard for me, I can't lie) and I'm looking forward to the weekend because we're going wedding dress shopping for my little sister, who just got engaged last month!! Eeeee! Very excited to have a brother-in-law and see them get married! That will be a nice distraction!