Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Polish 'M Autumn's Palette

Well last week I got sick and felt terrible, so I didn't post as much as I intended-- I have more posts planned for this week but of course am already running behind! Today I have a fun bit of sparkle to share with you! This is actually a polish from Polish M's 2015 Fall collection, but same old same old with me: I'm finally getting around to wearing it! Like with many of polishes, it's really a shame because this one is beautiful! Autum's Palette is a glitter bomb that has a “clear base with copper-gold-fuchsia UCC mega flakes, gold galaxy holo glitter and copper galaxy holo glitter.” That's a lot going on! 

Despite the clear base, Autumn's Palette is jam packed and while it definitely wasn't full coverage on the first coat, it built up nicely. I used three coats here. I love how the magenta flakies stand out against the copper base; it really does feel like fall in a bottle! 

The blingtasticness of this polish freaked my camera out just a bit! While I'm bummed I waited so long to wear this in the first place, it was definitely worth the wait because this polish is beautiful!  I loved wearing it and couldn't stop staring at my nails while I did so. Autumn's Palette is just stunning and really captures the feeling and colors of fall! I love it! 

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