Friday, November 25, 2016

Purple Friday: Different Dimension Raindrops on Roses

And here we are, the last game of the season: Apple Cup!! As always, the last game of the season pits us against our in-state rival, Washington State University. This promises to be a fierce game as each team only has one loss in-conference and the winner will make it to the conference championship game. Added to being state rivals and there are of course a lot of taunts being thrown around from both sides and a lot of heated feelings. So we'll see what happens! I suspect this game will go down to the wire! I'm afraid for the Dawgs because we've been slow to start the past few games and we can't afford to do that here, as the Cougars will strike fast and a lot given the chance. Hopefully the UW defense (and offense) will bring their A game! Considering I never thought we'd be this good, it's awesome to be playing for a shot at the conference title! 

Different Dimension Raindrops on Roses was a recent custom (I think from October) for the FB group Fantasmic Flakies. Of course, being purple, there was no doubt that I had to get this. When it arrived, I quickly decided I wanted to wear it for one of my Purple Friday posts! Even though this won't be the final Purple Friday post of this football season (the Dawgs will go to a bowl game regardless of the outcome of this game) my thinking was "save the best for last" because this is a truly stunning polish so it felt fitting to use it for our last regular season home game. Raindrops on Roses is a medium violet jelly with a strong blue shimmer, scattered holographic and blue flakies! There's a lot going on but it's worth it! Being a jelly the first coat was a little sheer, but not bad. It built up nicely and while two coats probably would have been fine, I used three due to my giant nails. 

This polish is so fabulous, I'm glad I got it. The blue flash is pretty strong but adds a lot of depth to this polish. I love everything about it! 

Go Dawgs! Beat the Cougs! 

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