Friday, September 30, 2016

Purple Friday: Fairytale Finish Purpsicle

Look here, it's Purple Friday AND our game is actually tonight! Tonight we play Stanford and both teams are currently undefeated so it's a bit of a big match-up. Stanford has a Heisman candidate running back and quite honestly, the Huskies are going to have an uphill battle, especially when we struggled last week on the road (though ultimately came away with the win, whew!). We do tend to bring our A-game against Stanford so hopefully tomorrow proves to be an excellent game, at the very least. In any case, we're taking the day off and doing some tailgating, so I'm looking forward to some beautiful fall weather and some pumpkin cider!

Well heck, you're getting two Fairytale Finish polishes in the same week! Whoops! Today's Purple Friday polish is Purpsicle, which was from the July sub box! Purpsicle is a gorgeous grape holographic polish. It has a slight jellyish feel to it, but goes on smoothly. The first was a little sheer, but two coats was pretty good! I used three coats to make sure there weren't any thin spots. It was very easy to use and I love it!

This is gorgeous! All around this is winner-- formula, color, everything! I definitely made the right choice saving it for a Purple Friday post. Makes me even more sad that Fairytale Finish is closing their doors, wahhhh! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Go Dawgs! Beat the Tree!

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