Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fairytale Finish Dibs on Your Lips

Today's polish, Dibs on Your Lips by Fairytale Finish is another polish I wore a long time ago (this polish was released for Valentine's Day as part of an LE trio and my photos say I wore it in late February) and just got lost in the shuffle when my laptop died. But I have it for you now, in what will be a short and sweet little post! Dibs on Your Lips was part of a Valentine's Trio, as I mentioned earlier, and is a bubblegum pink with a strong blue/violet shimmer.

As far as I remember, the formula of Dibs on Your Lips was good. Sorry, failing at being a good blogger. Seriously, though, I don't recall having any issues with this when I painted my nails. I can't remember how many coats I used-- it was probably three because that's how I tend to role!

So pretty! I love how strong the shimmer is! Sadly, Fairytale Finish is closing up shop at some point in the near future. The announcement was made at the end of August and September is the last month of subscriptions. I'm sad to see Amanda close up shop; I have always loved her polishes and I like that she is a local maker! It's a bummer for all of us polish lovers but I'm sure Amanda has some exciting things planned in the future! Dibs on Your Lips is a very pretty polish and I enjoyed wearing it; I have other unworn Fairytale Finish polishes that I will still be showing you even after Amanda closes up shop, so stay tuned!

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