Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pipedream Polish VIP Pass

And look, another new to me brand! Pipedream Polish became super popular awhile ago because they created a gorgeous set of neon cremes that watermarbled perfectly (according to those in the know, anyway) and it set off a real flurry within the nail polish community. The collection, A Night in Vegas, pretty much sold out like hot cakes every time it was restocked... and then it was discontinued. I managed to snag a set before it disappeared forever, but of course never really got around to playing with them until now! VIP Pass is a neon purple that has a super subtle (so subtle I didn't actually notice it until I photographed it) blue shimmer to it.

I used three coats here. I probably could have gotten away with two, but with my large nail beds I need a third coat to make sure I didn't have any thin spots. The formula was a dream; super smooth and buttery. It practically painted itself on my nails! It dries quickly but not so much so as to impact the application and has a matte finish.

Photographing this was a bitch because my camera and lighting made it appear pink! And definitely not neon, ugh.

Phone shot:

Slightly more color accurate but doesn't capture the deepness (or purpleness or brightness) of this shade, which is a damn shame. 

I freaking love VIP Pass! The color is gorgeous and bright (maybe not a true neon but still sizzling hot) and the formula was just utter perfection. As with many polishes, I'm wondering why I waited so long to wear it, but glad I finally did because it did not disappoint! My major was frustration was not being able to capture the true color of this polish, but that's more to do with me than with the actual polish, which was amazing.

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