Thursday, December 1, 2016

Native War Paints End of Summer

I initially meant to post this, uh, two weeks ago(?!) but I started getting sick and felt so terrible that I couldn't muster the energy to finish the post. Frankly, I'm still recovering from whatever the heck bug this is-- it's really done a number on me! Here's another polish dealing with transition of summer to fall, the appropriately titled End of Summer by Native War Paints. I believe this was their Labor Day mystery polish which I got because I'm a sucker like that, haha! End of Summer is a stormy blue (or denim blue? Take your pick!) with with a silver/gold shimmer running through out it.

I wore End of Summer while ago so of course I can't remember all the details, but I don't recall any issues with this polish! I used definitely two, probably three coats of this and it was easy to work with. I do think the shimmer gave it a bit of a metallic-y feel to it, so I had to be careful not to overload my brush with polish to avoid any streaks, but as you can see, I didn't have any problems with that!

I think this is super pretty, though I did wish the shimmer was a bit more prominent on the nail. It's a small nit to pick! But the color is so pretty that I don't really care. This gorgeous color works all year round!

Just a quickie post today-- happy Thursday all! 

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