Thursday, December 8, 2016

Great Lakes Lacquer All Those Dreadful Little Cuts

I wore this back in October when I was in WI visiting my grandmother-- I wanted a neutral polish that would go with a lot but was also interesting. I mean, I do love a good creme, but I knew I would be wearing this for several days so I wanted a little more! Enter Great Lakes Lacquer All Those Dreadful Little Cuts, which was a limited edition polish and a collaboration with another blogger, Polished Pathology. All Those Dreadful Little Cuts is a deep grey creme with a strong silver shimmer and smattering of red flakies.

The formula of this was pretty good, from what I recall (especially since it's been almost two months since I wore it)! I think I used three coats here in an attempt to ensure the longevity of the polish (which I wore for... four days in a row, which is practically unheard of). I probably could have gotten away with two; this polish was pretty opaque. I definitely didn't have any issues with this-- it went on easily and smoothly!

I do think this polish is nice looking, but it didn't really wow me, unfortunately. I'm not quite sure why-- I think it was a little darker and more metallic looking on my nails which I didn't love as much as I wanted to. But really, that's life. I mean, I really do love the pictures of it, I just didn't love it on my nails as much. I don't know! I wish the base were maybe just a few shades lighter, but it's a minor complaint. You can see the red flakies, though they get a bit overwhelmed by the silver shimmer.

All in all, not one of my favorite polishes of the year, but still very pretty!

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  1. Interesting color. Not one I would wear but its a unique color.