Friday, June 24, 2016

Colors by Llarowe Sweet Beginnings POTM April 2016 (reformulated)

To round out my week, I have another Colors by Llarow POTM to share with you today-- this is the April POTM, Sweet Beginnings. This polish is described as a "super linear raspberry red holographic." Personally, to me this reads more cherry red than raspberry red; there is a hint of pink but this polish definitely gets deeper as you apply your coats. 

The formula of Sweet Beginnings was typical for CbL polishes. It went on smoothly and easily, no issues. I used three coats, but that's my standard; I definitely could have just used two coats. I was really afraid this polish would stain, so I used two coats of my base coat and can happily report that I did not have any staining on my nails. I would still recommend being careful when removing this to avoid staining your fingers and cuticles. 

For some reason, I totally lost my hand posing skills when I was trying to photograph this and I swear I could not get a single picture where all the nails I wanted were in focus! ARGH. Hence I tried a slightly different hand/bottle pose in order to capture some better pictures. Not sure if I totally succeeded but at least most of the nails are in focus.

Sweet Beginnings is a gorgeous color and I felt pretty sexy while wearing it on my nails. It's such a gorgeous red; you can never go wrong with a polish like this! It's a very powerful, empowering color! 

Of possible note: the Sweet Beginnings I shared with you today is actually a reformulated version that was sent out to everyone who bought a bottle-- Leah Ann sent an email she had gotten a bad batch of tint and so made new bottles for everyone and shipped them out asap. I have both bottles and honestly can't tell the difference between the two (at the moment) but I decided to go with the reformulated version.


  1. Sweet Beginnings is absolutely gorgeous! How nice that Leah Ann sent you a new bottle

  2. Stunning sweet beginnings really adorable. Red. So nice of Leah Ann, sent new one.

  3. Looks like an awesome intense red.

  4. So vamp and gorgeous! I love me a good red like this!

  5. This is a gorgeous shade of red - so deep and rich x