Monday, June 20, 2016

Colors by Llarowe Summer Skies POTM May 2016

Remember how last week I said I had a weakness for blue polishes? Well, we're continuing the trend today! I know these aren't in order now, but I'll go back and fill in the gaps later! Today I have Summer Skies, the May 2016 POTM from CbL. I just got around to wearing this, so really I'm not sooooo far behind, right? Hahaha. Summer Skies is a vibrant sky blue with pink shimmer and a holographic finish.

Formula on this was good. It is nicely pigmented, though had a little bit of a jellyish feel to it compared to some of her other holos. It was still easy to apply, the first coat did want to streak a little if you applied too much pressure. Two coats gave good coverage but I ended up with three because of my large nail beds. It dried down quickly which I always appreciate. 

I really like Summer Skies (both in reality and on my nails). It's a beautiful blue, and although the pink shimmer isn't really visible in my photos here, it's a really nice addition and gives the polish more depth. All in all, another nice addition of the CbL POTM line-up! 


  1. This is really pretty on you! I really appreciate formulas that dry quickly, especially when 3 coats are required, and the end result is lovely.

  2. I keep missing these!!! I remember them around the 3rd or 4th of the beginning of the month >.< This one is beautiful!!

  3. I've bought every polish of the month! I love shades like this.

  4. CbL's are amazing! This is stunning!