Thursday, June 30, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Essie Cocktails and Coconuts

Hey look, a Throwback Thursday post! Mostly unintentional but when the stars align...! Essie Cocktails and Coconuts had been kicking around unloved since the summer of 2014 so it's time it got a little love! This was one of the polishes from the Resort 2014 collection and I bought a mini quad of the four polishes that made up this collection. This quad has been sitting in a place where I pass by it every day and I kept thinking "man, I should really use these polishes" and yet there they sat for two (!!) years. I finally pulled put these polishes for an HPB challenge; mostly because I needed a neutral and I knew exactly where this one was! 

Cocktails and Coconuts is a yellow leaning beige neutral that also has a subtle silver shimmer. I was actually impressed with the formula and how easy it was to apply. I did have to use a light touch to avoid dragging the polish but while the formula was a little thin, it went on easily. I have used two coats here and it looks pretty good! Probably if I had not been using this as a base for nail art, I would use three coats, but it looks pretty good with just the two! I'm also not wearing top coat here, so you can see it's fairly shiny even without it! 

You can even see the subtle shimmer here! Woo! While yellow-leaning neutrals aren't my favorite, I think this looks pretty good! I was really happy that the formula was good and I can see myself coming back to this again in the future! 


  1. Nice neutral shade with a bit of shimmer. I can not believe you walked past it for 2 years?! I get a year, maybe even year and a half, but two? Crazy.

    Are there more polishes in your stash you have neglected as well?

  2. This is a gorgeous neutral. It's also one that I would personally be hesitant about trying because I would be unsure about how it would look against my skin tone.

  3. Neutrals are always favourites for me, whatever their colour is! I think this one looks pretty nice on you!