Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Femme Fatale Glass Coffin

Today I have a new-to-me brand on the blog today, Femme Fatale! This is an Australian brand and I would say are pretty highly sought after here in the US; they tend to be beautiful collections with a lot of unique color combinations and finishes. Personally, while I don't own many of these polishes, I do find her collections to be some of the most gorgeous and unique coming out today. But anyway, that's my personal opinion-- quite honestly, the world of indie polishes is full of fantastic, beautiful collections so there's also something to catch your fancy!

Glass Coffin (I took this from the Girly Bits website, which has become a Canadian distributor for Femme Fatale) is described as a "(warm) blue to (cool) purple thermal with an envious green shine." Green shine is a polite way of saying "STRONG ASS AMAZEBALLS GREEN SHIMMER". The shimmer is ridiculously strong; it comes close to overpowering the base color in the warm state. Glass Coffin was definitely a bit on the sheer side and I need three coats to achieve the opacity I wanted. The formula was good, though and it went on easily and smoothly. This dries down to a matte finish so you definitely need a top coat to make it nice and shiny! 

I'm really happy to report that even though I bought this polish over a yesr ago, the thermal pigment hasn't destabilized yet and it still changes color! Hopefully you can tell a difference from the pictures above, but the polish is definitely darker and more purple after dunking my fingers in cold water:

In the end, it's really shameful that I waited so long to wear this because Glass Coffin is so gorgeous. Thermals are so much fun to wear and I love how intense the shimmer is. I think I prefer this in its cold state but the warm state is also pretty. Plus I am really impressed it still changes color even after sitting in a drawer for a year! I was expecting it to have settled into the cold state so I was pretty happy about that. Now I can't wait to try my other Femme Fatales!


  1. Such a unique polish this is!

  2. What a strange name for a nail polish. I would leave it matt, i like to wear matt polishes during winter time. For Summer i would wear a shiny top coat.

    1. Haha, I believe that's because this polish was from a collection based on Snow White! Otherwise yes, it would be a pretty strange name!

  3. Oh my goodness, I can't believe the shimmer! And the colour is gorgeous, too! I am definitely sold!

  4. I'm generally not a fan of thermals because I usually only like the colour of one state, but this one is really pretty either way!

  5. I love how unique the name of this polish is and the fact that it's a thermal! I don't own enough thermal polishes.