Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Zoya London

Time for a Texture Tuesday post! This week I've got another Zoya Pixie Dust to share with you-- this week it's Zoya London, which was initially released in the spring 2013. The whole collection had a kind of muted quality to it, which I loved. As I've been making my way through the Pixie Dusts, I am not wanting more muted, darker colors so the dark grey of London is definitely what I'm looking for now that we are in the wet, wild and windy fall weather. Pretty sure the Seattle sky will be this color until March now, haha.

London is described as a "fog gray with a sugared sparkle" and has a very carbon/lead grey feel to it with a strong silver sparkle. Despite the deeper color, this was a bit on the sheer side when I applied the first coat. However, I applied a pretty heavy second coat and so was able to get away with just two here. As with all the Pixie Dusts, it dries down fairly quickly to the textured finish.

Artificial light (flash):

I loved this polish a lot more than I expected. I find the color to be very wearable and very chic-- goes with a lot and it's an easier way to wear a darker color if you don't want to wear black nail polish (something I don't do very often myself). Plus, these Pixie Dusts wear like iron (on myself, at least) and then are easy to remove, so it's a good standby kind of polish. So London was a huge win for me, hooray! If you are a fan of textured polish, I would definitely recommend going to getting as many of the Pixie Dusts as you can, because Zoya discontinued the line. I have hopes that they will bring it back one day, because I want more colors but will have to be content with what I have for now.

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