Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sunny's Body Products Exclusive Summer Getaway Seasonal Box

Oh boy, my favorite part of summer! The first seasonal box I got from Sunny's Body Products was the summer box (and I actually think that it was the first one ever released) and to this day it remains my all time favorite box that I have gotten. So when I saw that she was doing another summer box I knew right away that I would be snagging it-- though I've said this about every box I've gotten so far, haha! There were 10 different hand and body care products in this box. A note-- all my scent descriptions are taken directly from Sunny's website, as I could never properly describe these!

Lip Balm-- Coconut: the sweet refreshing scent of coconuts!!

No fooling around with this-- it's straight up coconut. I'm not a big coconut fan, but the scent here is not overwhelming and I actually don't mind it! Plus, it doesn't hang around for a long time.

On the Go-- Palm Island: Home of one of the most romantic and serene vacation spots in the world, Palm Island is an escape from a busy world.begins with a rejuvenating medley of sweet orange blossoms, yuzu, and kumquat; followed by middle notes of juniper, Mediterranean fan palm, and rosemary; and creates complete ecstasy with base notes of fresh sandalwood and Tahitian vanilla bean.

One of my favorite products! The scent on this one is a little heavy when first applied, but settles down quickly. It does linger, which I like. 

Bath Whip-- Capri Olivo: Wisk away to Capri Island; a breath-taking paradise overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. complex aroma of tart Japanese grapefruit, fresh osmanthus (sweet olive), and dew-covered watercress; followed by middle notes of rose, jasmine, and cassis. To create subtle ecstasy, Capri Olivo sits on a dry down of fresh amber and myrrh.

This has a slight, sweet floral scent with just a hint of herbals underneath-- I love it. It smells very refreshing and clean. Definitely one of my favorite scents from the box.

Triple Thick Lotion-- Kulu Bay: Kulu Bay is part of the wonderful Fiji Islands; where lush, virgin rainforests revitalize your well-being. An energetic blend of tamarind, crushed lychee berries, Tahitian Noni juice, and fresh cranberries; followed by the herbal freshness of sun-ripened figs; with base notes of basil and palm leaves.

For some reason, this scent was just ok to me-- it's not bad, but I'm not in love with the blend. It's a pretty light scent, though, so I'll use it. This lotion isn't greasy and sinks into the sink quickly.

Sugar Hand Scrub-- Havana Nights: A sultry and provocative blend reminiscent of a hot summer's night in a beautiful, mysterious land. spicy floral with notes of spiced citrus, fresh water lily, sensual jasmine petals, cedar, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla, dark musk, and amber.

This scent is so good! I'm a big fan of spicy scents and this is no exception. Love this!

Intensive Cuticle Therapy-- Tibetan Amber: begins with powdery top notes of lotus blossoms, rose, and jasmine, and follows with Oriental notes of amber, musk, patchouli, and French vanilla bean.

OMG, can I live in this scent?! So good! This is a very comforting, powdery scent that I love; clearly I am a big amber lover. This a is a great scent, I love the subtle hint of the vanilla bean at the end and I hope this makes a reappearance in Sunny's store! I would wear this as a perfume. Loooooove this and the clear favorite scent from this box.

Hand Butter-- Volcano: blends tropical fruits and sugared citrus (oranges, lemons, and limes) with violet leaf, sweet Japanese quince, sun ripened cassis, sparkling pomelo, sun weathered driftwood, redolent with lightly exotic mountain greens.

So if I wanted to wear Tibetian Amber as a perfume, I want to drink Volcano. I am a big fan of cirtus scents and this is absolute perfection. It's bright and sparkling and fresh. Also one of my favorites from this box.

Cuticle Oil-- Tahitian Waterfall: sweet jasmine, wild lilies and violets, with the enchanting mist of a cool tropical waterfall.

This is a very nice, light scent. Not overwhelming at well, nor is it too watery. I'm not a huge fan of violets, but this is a nice blend.

Body Balm-- Cocktails By The Pool: Lounging by the pool is even better with this cocktail of summer inspired fresh & fruity scent. Top Notes: sparkling lemon, honeydew, pear. Middle Notes: vibrant orange, pineapple, nectarine. Base Notes: Lily of the Valley, jasmine, sandalwood, and vanilla.

This is a sweeter scent, for sure, but not so sweet as to be overwhelming. I can definitely imagine this fragrance in the air as I lie on a chaise lounge at a tropical resort, sitting by the pool and sipping on some delicious adult beverage. Man, where can I sign up for that?

Miracle Balm-- Weekend in Maui: Imagine a weekend getaway to a tropical island…the fresh fruits, floral blossoms and warm air of this fragrance set the tone for a mini escape. Top Notes: valencia orange, Italian mandarin, cassis, Anjou pear. Middle Notes: star jasmine, plum blossoms, vanilla orchid. Base Notes: sandalwood, golden amber, musk, palm woods.

This is a nice blend, though it leans a little watery for me. It definitely has a very tropical, light air to it. 

Of course, typically me running way late: these boxes are all sold out now. Sorry! I would highly encourage you to check out Sunny's shop and try her products; they're great! I look forward to see what she brings us for the fall and the holidays!


  1. Everything looks and sounds so good :)

  2. I love your nail-paint. Most of the beauty products these days are utilizing Noni fruit and coffee as a basic ingredient. Most probably because of the skin benefits of those products are widely known and acceptable by health professionals.

    Best Regards,
    Mantis Hugo
    Noni Juice - What Exactly Is It?