Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Art Deco 635

Ohhhh guys, I have a fun polish to share with you today! Not necessarily because of the finish or the color, but because of how it came to me! We have an au pair who lives with us and takes care of the kids and our current au pair comes from Germany. As part of welcoming her into our family, we did exchange some small gifts-- and her gift to me was a couple of nail polishes from a brand I've never heard of-- Art Deco. This is a German brand (and it may be available elsewhere in Europe) that actually includes other cosmetics aside from nail polish. I thought this was really sweet of her and really appreciate that she brought me these, especially because it's a brand I've never heard of or tried before! Today I have 635 (the polishes are numbered, not named) to share with you. 635 is described by the Art Deco site as "couture watermelon." I'm not really sure what this means-- I guess it's supposed to be a grown up, sophisticated take on the color? I found 635 to be a real chameleon-- it's sort of a pinky red brown if that makes sense. It definitely took on different tones in different lighting situations.

The formula on 635 was excellent. It was nicely pigmented, not too thick or too thin and was exceedingly smooth to apply. I only applied two coats here and you can see it looks great! I wasn't really sure what to expect, so I went in with very low expectations and was very pleasantly surprised!

Artificial light (flash):

Overall I have to say I was impressed with this little polish. It went on really smoothly and wore well. The color, while not necessarily ground breaking, it very pretty and had some interesting tones to it. I also love that it was a gift from our new au pair, who has become part of our family! 

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