Monday, September 21, 2015

Savina Beach Ball

Ok, I have to sneak in one last bright before summer is officially over, even though it's currently raining in Seattle right now. Today I have Savina Beach Ball, which is a bright neon coral creme. This was another polish I picked up at Nordstrom Rack this summer. To me, this is one of my favorite colors for summer-- coral AND neon. You can never go wrong! It works with everything. Unfortunately, Beach Ball didn't have the best formula. It was a little streaky to apply and even at three coats I wasn't entirely happy with my polish job. Certainly, I think from a distance it wasn't really noticeable, but it still annoyed me. I used three coats here and it does try down to a satiny finish due to the neon pigment. My pictures make it it look extremely bright-- and it is bright in real life, though I think the flash here definitely takes it to an extreme; it's not quite so blinding in real life.

Artificial light (flash):

And with that we bring the summer season to an end! (Booooooooo!) I definitely tend to pull out the brights in the cold winter months but now I'm definitely craving some more autumnal colors as weather has turned towards the cooler side. Are you enjoying fall or is it still summer where you are?


  1. NOOO I AM NOT DONE WITH SUMMER! LOL This is a fun color, too bad it wasn't easy to work with!