Sunday, September 13, 2015

Colors by Llarowe Meet Me Over The Rainbow Bridge

Hi all! Hope you have had an enjoyable weekend! Today I have beautiful though somewhat sad themed polish to share with you: Colors by Llarowe Meet Me Over The Rainbow Bridge, which creator Leah Ann made in memory of her dog, Zipper, whom she had recently lost. I'm sure we have all had a beloved pet that we have lost-- our pets become part of our families and it's hard to lose them!

Meet Me Over The Rainbow Bridge is a gorgeous periwinkle purple with a slight blue duochrome and a beautiful rainbow holographic finish (of course). The holo effect is not blinding, but it certainly comes out first and foremost when wearing this. The formula was pretty good, as far as I recall (I wore this back in June) and I think I remember being surprised that the periwinkle base wasn't too sheer. I can't remember if this is two coats or three-- my apologies! I certainly don't recall having any issues and it was easy to apply.

Artificial light (flash):

I think this polish is beautiful and I'm glad Leah Ann was able to channel her grief into something so lovely. It's a sweet way to remember her pet-- and for the rest of us to remember pets we have lost.

Meet Me Over The Rainbow Bridge was a charity polish (proceeds were donated to the ASPCA) and limited edition and unfortunately is not available any longer.

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