Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Two-fer Tuesday: Wet n Wild Stream of Consciousness and A Latte Love

I figured it was time for another Two-fer Tuesday post! This week I have two polishes from the Wet nn Wild Silver Lake collection, which was released this spring. I am a sucker for these Wet n Wild Megalast polishes-- the colors are not necessarily ground breaking, but they are usually nice capsule collections and even better, have a great price point at $1.99! The quality is generally decent as well, which makes these even more of a deal! In fact, I already reviewed another polish from this collection, Warm Filter! Out of six total polishes, there were two more neutral polishes: Stream of Consciousness and A Latte Love. And these are the two I have to share with you today!

Stream of Consciousness is a pretty, sheer pinky-white polish with a golden shimmer running throughout it. In my photos I used three coats and you can see there is still visible nail line. So if you don't love sheers, this probably isn't for you! You might be able to make it opaque with more coats, but man, that's so much work! This is a type of polish I struggle with because it's not quite sheer enough to leave at just one coat, but requires too many coats to make it opaque and tends to be a little streaky. That said, it does have a very pretty, delicate feel to it and I really love the shimmer. 

A Latte Love is a sort of putty beige creme-- it leans a little grey, which may or may not make it more wearable for some. This had a great formula and applied very easily! My note-taking is pretty nonexistant right now, so I probably used three coats just to make sure everything was even. You could probably get away with two, though! I definitely don't recall having any issues with this polish while I was applying, other than trying to use a light hand during application.

Stream of Consciousness:

A Latte Love:

Hopefully you enjoyes this more 'neutral' edition of Two-fer Tuesday! These are both pretty polishes and great palette cleansers for all those bright and neons that pop during the spring and summer months! Hmmm, maybe I should try to layer Stream of Consciousness over A Latte Love! That could be pretty.