Monday, August 17, 2015

Illamasqua Nurture

 Let's kick off the week with a Matte Monday post! Remember when I went on an Illamasqua kick? I haven't forgotten about them! Today I have another polish from the Rubber Brights collection to share with you, Nurture. Nuture is described as a "candy apple green" with a rubber finish, which is not quite a flat matte-- there is a slight shine to it, but not the high gloss you would get from a creme. I find "candy apple green" to be a slightly amusing descriptor-- Nuture IS reminiscent of those green apple Jolly Ranchers. Traditionally not one of my favorite candies, but this is still a fun color!

Nuture had a decent formula. Mattes tend to be thick, and it was a bit on the thicker side, though not unworkable in any way. All this hot weather hasn't helped either! I did find Nuture to just the teensiest bit streaky and I ultimately used three coats to make sure I had completely even coverage. And really, that's not a probably, though these polishes do tend to get thicker as you use them, which can sometimes be frustrating. This wasn't terrible, but next time I might try to use two more careful coats to avoid a third one! The drying time is pretty typical of these mattes-- quickly, but not too quickly (which is a very important distinction when applying nail polish, hah).

Artificial light (flash):

Bright is right! My photos make this seem almost neon-- Nuture is definitely borderline neon, though not what I would call a true neon green. I don't wear a lot of greens, so this is a little outside my wheelhouse, but I did like wearing this! I love brights for summer, no matter the color.

Hope you all have a good Monday! I can't believe we are already halfway through August!