Monday, May 25, 2015

Zoya Arabella

Well, I was going to have a patriotic manicure for the blog today as a way to celebrate Memorial Day, but my plans were changed drastically last night when one of my boys fell down a flight of stairs and had to be rushed to the ER and ending getting seven stitches because. It was pretty scary and stressful, so painting my nails was the last thing on my mind when we finally got home and got the kids to bed. So I am currently wearing a purple polish on my nails which is not particularly patriotic, though it is pretty. 

The closest thing I have is Zoya Arabella. Another Pixie Dust polish, Arabella is described as a "rich fuchsia pink in a matte, textured, sparkling finish." Once again, I can't really disagree with this. This is a deep, rich pink color with a nice sparkle. Like the other Pixie Dust polishes I have tried, this had a nice formula and went on easily. I used two coats here.

Artificial light (flash):

It's so pretty! I love how sparkly it is. This is so pretty.

I hope everyone is having a much more relaxing and less hectic Memorial Day weekend than I did! We definitely didn't get as much done as we intended to do. 

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