Monday, May 11, 2015

Colors by Llarowe Engorgeous

It's probably fitting that I'm sharing this polish with you the day after Mother's Day-- today I have Colors by Llarowe Engorgeous from the Oh, Baby! Collection that was released back in February (I think). I actually wore this with my Easter dress (so back in April) and fell in love with this polish. Engorgeous is described as a "light to medium baby pink linear holo." This is definitely true, by all accounts. I found there is maybe just a titch of purple in there, making it a soft, gorgeous, girly color.

I had absolutely no issues with Engorgeous! I was worried that because the color was on the light side, it might be a little sheer, but that was not an issue at all. I only needed two coats to make it opaque and the formula was smooth and easy to use. I love it when a polish is easy to use like this one was. No complaints at all! This isn't super linear as some CbL polishes are, but does have a nice linear holo finish.

Artificial light (flash):

And here are my nails with my dress:

For some reason, I had really been craving a pink holo polish, so this was a great addition to my collection. Engorgeous (and the whole Oh, Baby! collection) are beautiful. Did you pick up any of these polishes?