Wednesday, May 27, 2015

LVX Fuchsia

Oooohhh, I have a pretty polish to share with you today! A while back, I won the LVX spring collection from and because of my mountains and mountains of untried polishes, they have been sitting neglected. No longer! Today I have LVX Fuchsia to share with you because last week I was perusing my stash to find something to wear and couldn't resist the shimmer in this! I would describe Fuchsia as a vivid magenta/fuchsia color with a strong blue/violet shimmer.

Aside from my personal issues spelling Fuchsia correctly (I always forget how to spell it!), I had absolutely no issues with the polish! The formula was wonderful and practically painted itself on my finger nails. I honestly can't remember if I used two or three coats here. Sorry! I think I used three to make sure any visible nail line was covered-- while pigmented, this definitely had a slight jelly feel to it.

Artificial light (flash):

Isn't the shimmer awesome?! (The answer is yes.) My photos don't really do justice to this polish-- it's more vivid in real life. But at least it captured the shimmer well, which is very visible. This was my first experience with LVX polish and I was impressed with the formula-- which is good, because LVX polishes retail for $16, so they are not on the cheap side. Have you tried any LVX polishess?

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