Friday, May 8, 2015

Born Pretty Store Review: 2mm Mixed Rhombus Nail Studs

*samples sent for honest review*

I have something fun to share with you today! I was recently contacted by the Born Pretty Store to review some items, and if you've never heard of the Born Pretty Store, well... get to the website asap! They have a ton of stuff, but most importantly to this blog, a whole section dedicated to nail polish and nail art. They are based in Singapore, so shipping can take awhile, but the prices are super reasonable and they have a ton of stuff! As soon as I got the email, I knew I wanted to review some nail studs because I have never used them before and wanted to give it go! I chose these 2mm Mixed Rhombus studs which are a mix of shapes and neon and pastel colors. I figured there would be a lot of things I could with them and it was a nice mix of shapes and colors. Win win!

When they arrived, they looked like this:

Just in a little jar, all mixed together. And they are small! Empirically, I know 2mm is not large, but I was surprised at how tiny they were! That may sound silly, but it's true. To actually use them, I dumped out a small amount onto a paper towel in my work area and then turned them so they were right side up. They were a bit tricky to move around because they were so small, but using the edge of my nail or a toothpick worked well. If you have a pair of fine tweezers/forceps, those would work too! I tried to use a pair of tweezers I also got from the store (review to come later) but they were a bit too large for these studs. In the end, using a toothpick with a dot of top coat (not quick drying) worked the best to place them on my nail.

Here's the final look I ended up with! I used Julep Janet as my base color. I then went for a mix of colors-- I was inspired by those enamel necklaces that are popular right now and want to do something reminiscent of that. That's the design on my ring finger. By the end of that, I was having so much fun that I decided to add the circle studs on my middle finger. I love it!

There was a definitely learning curve to using these, but I was able to catch on pretty quickly and once I did, I didn't have any issues! I am looking forward to playing around with these more and creating some different designs-- it's a lot of fun!

If you're interested in trying out some nail art products or need some supplies, I have a coupon code (CRK31) you can use to receive a 10% discount! There is a ton of stuff on the Born Pretty site, so be prepared to fall down a rabbit hole. I believe you need an account to use the code-- once you login there should be a place to enter it! Happy shopping!

*samples sent for my honest review*


  1. Fun mix of colors on these studs. They look good.

  2. Cute design! I love neon on nude.

    1. Thanks! This polish is actually more peachy than nude, but it looks a little washed out here. Can't go wrong with neon and nude!