Monday, May 18, 2015

Wet N Wild Warm Filter

I have a nice, summery polish to share with you today! This is Warm Filter from the Wet n Wild Silver Lake Collection, which was released this spring. I decided to grab the whole collection because at $1.99, these polishes are hard to pass up. Warm Filter is a pretty classic summer color-- a warm cantaloup orange creme polish.

Warm Filter is nicely pigmented, though the formula is not perfect-- it's slightly on the thick side. But it goes on fairly easily and dries pretty quickly. What is interesting is that this polish actually dries much brighter than it looks in the bottle, to an almost neon level of brightness. Sometimes that can be annoying (mainly because you're not getting what you think you are) but in this case I don't mind because I love colors like this.

Artificial light (flash):

Colors like these are some of my favorites for summer! I certainly never get tired of them, in any case. Hopefully I love the rest of this collection as much as I loved Warm Filter!

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  1. Very nice color for the summer. Makes your hand look so tan.