Saturday, May 16, 2015

Born Pretty Store Review: Multifunctional Tweezers

**sample provided for review**

Hi all! Sorry for such a quiet week-- I was busy Wednesday-Friday and I'm really bad about scheduling posts. In fact, I just don't. Sorry! This week should be better! Tonight I have another review of a product from the Born Pretty Store! This is the last product I received, a multifunctional tweezer. These tweezers are described as being made of stainless steel and can be used for many nail art purposes.

These were nice hefty tweezers, a bit bigger than I expected. I would stay that the mechanism is a little stiff so does take a little bit of pressure to open them!

Here's a close up of the end:

As you can see, these have a blunt point, as opposed to pointed ones. These were rather large compared to the 2mm studs I got to review (you can read that review here) and when I tried to use them to put the studs on my nail, I ended up denting my polish. Whoops! Maybe with practice, but I think these would work better for larger nail charms or studs. They were really great in helping me position the water decals I used and I think they will be really helpful for applying and removing striping tape.

Here's a a little peak at what my set up looked like, in case you're interested:

As always, you can use the code CRK31 to receive 10% on nail art products from the Born Pretty Store! I've really enjoyed reviewing these products and looking forward to exploring what else they have to offer!

**sample provided for honest review**

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  1. Nice review! I just use my tweezers that I have laying around but nice to see that they have some too.