Thursday, January 1, 2015

Purple Friday: Girly Bits Seriously Sassy

Hey all! I have a Purple Friday post this week because, ta-da, the Huskies play in Cactus Bowl tonight against Oklahoma State! So of course I had to paint my nails purple for the occasion! But which purple to wear? I have so many that I haven't worn yet!

After polling several outlets, I settled on Girly Bits Seriously Sassy as my purple polish of the moment (top left). The Girly Bits website describes this polish as "a royal purple jelly, with blue to purple colour shifting glitter." I would add that there's some pink in there too, but the blue dominants and make the polish lean blue or blurple. The description of this also calls it a jelly, and while it does have a jelly-like consistency, it covers very well and I only needed two coats (the website suggests 2-3 coats).

Seriously Sassy definitely needs a top coat as it dries down to a matte finish-- I actually used two because the first coat wasn't as shiny as I wanted, though the glitter wasn't eating through the top coat (it was still smooth to the touch).

Given that this is a purple and a blue leaning purple at that, it wanted to give me trouble so I was fooling around a bit with my camera (I am clearly no expert here... if I ever have time again, this is one of my goals) to try and get photos that more accurately capture color. They still don't do Seriously Sassy justice, and are slightly blurred on the edges but I feel capture the color a bit better. In any case, the polish actually looks purple and not blue. You can see the blue glitter in the purple base.

Artificial light (flash):

This purple IS seriously sassy! In low light it is very dark, but you can tell it's not black. In other lighting situations, it just glows and has an electric quality to it. I'm definitely smitten.

Go Dawgs! Beat the Cowboys!


  1. That is one gorgeous purple you have on your nails!

  2. This is totally gorgeous but I'm dyyyying to see that EP!!! Sorry 'bout the loss... would've been awesome to see another PAC-12 bowl win.

    1. Hahaha, I will pull out the EP soon! Yeah the game was a total bummer, blergh. At least overall the Pac-12 is doing well!