Monday, January 26, 2015

ILNP Electric Carnival

I have a real treat for you tonight! I Love Nail Polish (ILNP) created a line of Ultra Chrome Flakie polishes which have caused a sensation within the polish community and helped to kick off 2015 as the year of the flakie, apparently. These Ultra Chrome Flakies are supposed to be fully opaque and can be worn alone or layered over a base color. There are 13 Ultra Chrome Flakies in all, and honestly, it's a bit overwhelming and there's definitely some overlap between the polishes. I had a very difficult time deciding which ones I liked the most and ended up getting four. The first one I have for you is Electric Carnival, which is described as having "primary colors of red, pink, gold, and green." You can see some blue in the bottle as well, though I was not able to capture that with my photos. 

Here I layered Electric Carnival over Sally Hansen Crushed. I wanted use a reddish base to bring out the base color of the flakies. I used two coats and I can tell you, it is packed with flakies. Certainly not opaque in one coat, but the claim that these will be fully opaque is not a lie. Electric Carnival is easy to apply and the flakies all lay down nicely on the nail. A layer of top coat and it was good to go!

Natural light - shade:

Polishes like Electric Carnival (and flakies in general) are the types of polishes that are hard to tear your eyes away from! Especially this one, with all the different colors that you can see with this polish. So freaking gorgeous! I am so glad I picked this one (of many)!

PS - Sorry, I somehow managed to publish this without any content. Whoops!