Sunday, January 1, 2012

Revlon Snow Bunny

Happy 2012 to everyone! I hope you all had a good time sending out 2011 and ushering in 2012. Has anyone made resolutions?  I have made a few that pertain to this blog:

1) Be better about my daily hand care and nail maintenance
2) Post more consistently
3) Swatch all of my un-swatched polishes (this is a stretch)
4) Explore other realms of makeup (not something that will necessarily end up on the blog, but for my own enjoyment)

 Nothing necessarily life-changing in any way, but some goals I have going into this brand new year! Now... onto the polish!

I'll be the first to say I am not really into white polishes. Plain white polishes, while they do serve a purpose, remind me too much of white-out (and therefore middle school) and I can't bring myself to wear a plain white polish alone. However, after seeing recent white polishes from a few holiday collections, I was intrigued enough to pick up one: Revlon Snow Bunny from their Spice It Up Holiday Collection. (Plus, I love the name!)

Snow Bunny is a snowy, shimmery silver white polish. Not surprisingly due to its light color, it's a little on the sheer side, but using thicker coats can make this polish pretty much opaque. I used three coats in the pictures below. You can see a little bit of visible nail line on my ring finger, but in real life it's not that noticeable. Unfortunately, using thicker coats did make the polish slightly gloppy and does take longer to dry.

Artificial light with flash:

Artificial light:

Natural light - shade:

I like Snow Bunny because it's a not a stark white-- the shimmer makes it interesting and fun and wintery.  Snow Bunny has a very light and ethereal quality to it-- sort of light and fluffy, like snow banks. I think the shimmer makes it fun and wearable, while the color is perfect for winter.

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