Thursday, January 19, 2012

NOTD: Winter Wonderland Manicure

So, quite unusually Seattle has been "hammered" by a snow storm over the last few days. While Seattle does get snow from time to time, it doesn't happen often and we don't have a lot of experience dealing with it. Even though snow is a huge pain in the butt when you become an adult, I still love it! The snow makes everything so pretty and love how quiet the world seems when it snows!

This is my world in the snow! I love it! Even though getting around the city is a pain, somehow I can't feel too angry because the seven year old inside of me loves the snow so much.

Now... onto my manicure! On a whim tonight I decided to do a snow inspired manicure.  I pulled out Kristen from Zoya's recent Feel Collection and decided on an accent nail using a-england Morgan Le Fay. I will do full posts on both these in the future-- Kristen is a blue leaning grey creme polish and Morgan Le Fay is an icy silver shimmer. These polishes just called out winter to me.

Sorry I was only able to capture this under a couple of lighting conditions because I wanted to post it tonight (and I started the manicure at about 7pm PST). You can see Kristen shift between looking more blue or more grey depending on the light.
Artificial light with flash:

Natural light:

I love this combination! Really pretty... soft but the shimmer gives it a little edge-- in addition to being really pretty. Happy winter, everyone! Stay safe and warm and dry out there!

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