Monday, January 30, 2012

Julep Helena

Today was a pretty crappy day at work, so I have a nice fun polish for you - Julep Helena! Helena came in my December Maven box, but I only got around to swatching it this weekend. And I'm sorry I waited this long, because this is a great color.

Julep describes Helena as an "ultra-saturated fuchsia." Ultra-saturated is right-- this polish feels very neon to me. It's super bright and entirely lovely. I actually think I might have to put this on soon in an effort to bring myself out of the funk I'm in. Helena dries to what Julep calls a "semi-matte" finish. It's not a true matte because it does have some shine, but definitely doesn't have a high gloss/high shine finish. Helena is wonderfully pigmented and has a great formula-- like most of Julep's creme polishes, it applies like a dream and is practically a one coater. I have used two coats in all the photos below, and no top coat, so you see the semi-matte finish.

Unfortunately, my photos aren't entirely color accurate-- Helena looks way too pink in most of these pictures and definitely not bright enough. The picture with flash and the natural light pictures probably closest represent the color, though neither of the pictures are bright enough, by far. Helena is eye-searingly bright.

Artificial light with flash:

Artificial light:

Natural light - shade:

I am definitely sorry I waited so long to try out Helena. I thought that it was a bit odd that this color was in my December box, considering the time of year, but I love the fact that it's super bright.

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