Wednesday, January 18, 2012

OPI Designer... De Better!

Today's polish is from OPI's Holiday Collection - The Muppets! To be honest, while I enjoy the Muppets, I didn't grow up religiously watching them. I wasn't necessarily attached to this collection on a nostalgic level, after seeing some swatches there are definitely some polishes I was attracted to. Designer... De Better is one of them. I can only assume the name refers to Miss Piggy's job as editor of a fashion mag in the new movie.

Anyway, Designer... De Better is a very unique polish.  It's basically a metallic shimmer polish is mostly silver with flecks of bronze throughout-- in real life the silver and bronze shimmer combine to give this polish a cool rose gold looking finish. I had a hard time capturing it with my camera, but this polish is truly awesome. I love it so much! I was a little worried at first because the first coat of Designer... De Better was pretty sheer but amazingly enough it became opaque in the second coat. One of those magical polishes-- I have no idea how that works, but it's wonderful. I'm seriously in love with this. It's brilliant. But don't take my word for it-- see for yourself!

Artificial light with flash:

Artificial light:

You can see under the more yellow lights of my bathroom that the polish takes on a more golden look, which is really not accurate-- while this polish does have a fickle nature in terms of color, it's not yellow gold.

Natural light - shade:

Sorry, the natural light pictures are little blown out. I hope you can see the specks of bronze in there-- the polish isn't overly silver in real life either. It's really stunning. This polish would probably be fabulous with some evening gown... not that I have one laying around my closet (or an excuse to wear it)! In any case, these polishes sell out fast, so if you see a display of these, this is a fabulous unique polish that could find a place in your collection. You won't be disappointed!

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