Tuesday, August 9, 2011

China Glaze Sea Spray

The second to last polish in China Glaze's Anchors Away collection is Sea Spray. This is probably my favorite polish in the whole collection. Sea Spray is shimmery light blue. I feel like there's nothing else I can really say about it-- it's just really pretty. It has a slightly dusky quality about it, so it's not super bright but still very pretty and spring-like. This color is similar to OPI's I Vant To Be A-Lone Star, except it is more blue in appearance and less frosty.

Sea Spray was fairly easy to work with and I only needed two coats. I used Orly's Bonder base coat and In a Snap top coat. 

Artificial light:

Artificial light with flash:

Natural light - shade:

Natural light - sun:

Just a quick comparison: OPI's I Vant To Be A-Lone Star vs. Sea Spray. I haven't had the time to do a side by side comparison yet, but here are a picture of each under artificial light.

Sea Spray: 

I Vant To Be A-Lone Star: 

You can see that Sea Spray is much less frosty than I Vant To Be A-Lone Star. Since Sea Spray was a lot easier to work with and I like the finish a lot more, I think it beats out I Vant To Be A-Lone Star.

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