Monday, August 22, 2011

American Apparel Neon Collection Review

Sorry for the delay in posting-- my in-laws were visiting and even though they are very easy house guests, I didn't have a minute to spare for posting. Now that I've made it through all of the American Apparel neon polishes, I have a review/wrap-up post!

A rainbow of neon!!

These polishes are extremely bright and a lot of fun. However, the formula varies quite a bit from polish to polish. Neon Red, Neon Blue, and Neon Violet had the best and easiest formulas to work with of all the polishes, while the others tended to be streaky and need several coats (3-4) to even everything out and get rid of any patchiness. However, this may in part be to due to the fact that these three are less "neon" than the other four-- they are still very bright, but not quite as bright. Neon Blue, in particular, did not seem as neon as the other polishes.

Neon Red: 

Neon Coral: 

Neon Orange:

Neon Yellow: 

Neon Green:

Neon Blue: 

Neon Violet: 

I thought of all these polishes were a lot fun, despite the formula issues. My favorites were Neon Violet (despite the color inaccuracies of the photos), Neon Coral and then honestly it's probably a tie between Neon Orange/Neon Yellow/Neon Green. They're all great. $6 a piece, and they're available online at American Apparel.


  1. omg I want that green, I just found ur site looking for a polish dead calm from RBL

  2. Thanks! I hope you keep finding polishes you like!