Sunday, May 1, 2011

Classic Red - OPI's O'Hare and Nails Look Great

My sister suggested I wear some red polish, which is something I don't do often. So I decided to take her advice and combed my collection for some classic red shades:

They are (from left to right): Downtown LA (AA), O'Hare and Nails Look Great (OPI), and Personal Shopper (Sephora by OPI). Of the three, I decided to go with the OPI.

O'Hare and Nails Look Great is from OPI's Fall 2005 Chicago collection. I found this on sale at Fred Meyer, score! It's definitely got some orange in it, but goes on as a much more classic red. This went on very smoothly; it's kind of a jelly-ish creme. It's a slightly sheer; I used two coats.

These pictures are from two weeks ago-- I don't remember all the conditions under which I took the photos.

Overall, a great red! And definitely fun to wear. Hard to go wrong with a great, classic red.

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