Friday, May 13, 2011

OPI - Black Shatter

If you pay any attention to nail polish trends, then you know that crackle (or shatter) polish is huge right now. Practically every brand is making them-- China Glaze, OPI, Sally Hansen, etc. And they're extremely popular-- in fact, they've been selling out like hot cakes. If you don't know, basically crackle/shatters are polishes that dry extremely quickly and then crack as they dry. You apply them over another color of polish and when they crack, you get to see the color of the polish underneath.

I'm not really sure where I stand with crackle polish-- I tend to prefer just plain nail color. However, I finally managed to get my hands on OPI's Black Shatter and Silver Shatter. And this past week I decided to take Black Shatter out of a test drive, just for the hell of it. Why not, right?

Since I was already wearing China Glaze's 108 Degrees and it was such fun color, I decided to layer Black Shatter over it. Crackle polish drys matte, so I added another two layers of top coat to even things out. In my picture, I applied a slightly thinner coat of shatter than my pointer and middle finger, resulting in the slightly different shatter patterns.

Artificial light:

Natural light (shade):

Natural light (sun):

The hot pink and black combo is a little 80's, but a lot of fun! I don't think I'd use the crackle/shatter all the time, but I think it's going to be fun to pull out every once and a while.

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