Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lacquistry Leaf Piles Make Me Smile

This past weekend I was attending my sister in law's wedding-- hence the rest it's been pretty quiet around here. Tonight I'm back with another fall polish from Lacquistry, Leaf Piles Make Me Smile. This is the third polish in my Fall Y'all trio. Leaf Piles Make Me Smile is described as "a mainly mica-based polish, copper and gold are the stars here with supporting accents of charcoal, brown, and tiny flecks of red. Leaf Piles Make Me Smile is in a clear base and has more of a foil finish than just straight up glitter." There's a lot going on, but I can definitely see all the glitter that she describes.

Leaf Piles Make Me Smile is a gorgeous fall polish. I initially thought that the glitter would pop against a darker base color, I layered on a coat of Julep Brandt (you can see it on the edges around the glitter) and then two coats of Leaf Piles Make Me Smile. The formula of this polish was a little on the thick side, but not unmanageable. I used a combination of 'regular' application and a little bit of dabbing-- this polish has the tendency to want to drag, so you have to let it dry in between coats. The foil finish is absolutely spot-on-- this dries down to a smooth finish, despite the larger hex glitter throughout the polish.

Artificial light with flash:

Artificial light:

Natural light - shade:

Natural light - sun:

I am a little unhappy with the layering here. Mainly because I didn't realize how opaque Leaf Piles Make Me Smile was and I think it was totally unnecessary to layer it over Brandt and I wish I hadn't. The mica that makes up the base of this glitter covers really well and I think you don't need to layer it. I want to try this again on its own, because I think it would look much better.


  1. It is hard to tell until you try some of the glittery polishes whether you need a base color underneath.

  2. Ohhh I love this! It definitely will be awesome on it's own!