Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge Fortissimo

And here we are at the last polish in the Firebird collection: Fortissimo! This was a polish I originally passed over, but in the end decided to snag it when it was released to the public. I can't really say why I did except for my hoarding tendencies and the fact that I don't have another color like it. Additionally, I have recently become enamored of near black polishes and Fortissimo has a cool murky quality about it.

Ji describes the polish like this: "At last, when the light left the sky and the wind started to roar, the sky turned into a shade beyond description—a dark greenish, blackish, brown, leading to a powerful Fortissimo, the finale chord of The Fire Bird.

Fortissimo is a deep brown color that has hints of green (and maybe even some grey) to it. It leans towards black, and despite being fairly dark, I feel like it never looks black. I love the murky swampy feel to this polish and how Fortissimo has a great formula and goes on smoothly in two coats. Here I used the Julep base coat and no top coat-- you can see how nice and glossy the polish is even without a top coat.

Artificial light:

Artificial light with flash:

Natural light - shade:

While this isn't necessarily the color I would associate with fortissimo (when means very loud/very strong, if you're not a musician) but I think Ji hits upon a good point in her description of the polish-- the description of the sky as the storm hits. Now, I've never been through a hurricane, but I have seen some nasty tornado weather and the sky turns this weird yellow/green/brown/grey color that's so hard to explain unless you've seen it in person. So I do think Ji has captured the feel of the threatening feeling of the storm in this polish-- if a polish could be threatening, anyway. I don't think Fortissimo is necessarily my favorite polish of all time, but I kind of in love with it's ugly pretty quality and the fact that you don't see many polishes like this out there. I certainly don't own any like it, anyway!

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