Tuesday, May 3, 2011

OPI - Houston We Have A Purple and I Juggle... Men

So my parents came up for Easter and my dad's birthday and my mom brought me a nail polish as a hostess gift. Thanks, Mom! Since she knows how much I love purple, she brought me one of the new 'sorbet' polishes from OPI's Spring 2011 Texas Collection- Houston We Have A Purple.

OPI is marketing these as having a 'sorbet' finish, but it's just another term for jelly. The polish is nicely pigmented, but pretty sheer-- I had to put on three coats. My biggest disappointment with this particular polish was not the application, but the fact that the color that came out of the bottle was nothing like what it looked like IN the bottle. Boo! The polish is still a pretty color, but more of a berry-ish color, not purple.

Additionally, I had a really difficult time getting this to photographer properly. It was terrible and I didn't ever truly capture the color. In real life, it is darker, but still not super purple. These are about the best pictures I could get:

A couple of days later I was kind of bored but didn't have the time for a whole new manicure. So I decided to apply a coat of OPI's I Juggle... Men from their Spring 2011 Femme de Cirque Collection. This is a clear polish with a lot of iridescent glitter.


So I added a layer to my manicure (pardon the tip wear)-- fun and sparkly!

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